Getting Your Resume Shaped Up to Ship Out

Getting Your Resume Shaped Up to Ship Out

Dear Employer:

I want a job.

Do you have one?

Here’s some stuff I did.


Ms. Hard Worker

Does your resume look like this?

When a Recruiter or Manager skims over your resume, will they be able to tell the type of position you are qualified for? Can they download your resume and scan it easily?  Can it be read for key words by an Applicant Tracking System? 

The average resume gets less than 30 seconds of review.  Don’t make the reader “guess” what you want to do or which job you are applying for. You have about 15 seconds to impress!

If your resume doesn’t sell you right away, odds are you will be passed over if it is not clear and your resume won’t make it past “GO.” The whole point of a resume is to make it easy for the hiring manager to quickly understand your past work history and skills, where you’re headed, and how you might potentially “fit” into their company. 

If you have an employment gap, own it, address it and make it a positive thing.  Have a short description of what you did and what skills you gained or used.

Let us review your resume and assist you with the following:

1.       Help you tell your story clearly and succinctly in your summary statement

2.      Articulate your personal brand and unique values

3.      Shape your  job duties and responsibilities into a seamless and compelling story of your professional accomplishments

4.      Edit for spelling, grammar, consistency and overall quality

5.      Ensure it is easily readable, scanable and can be read by an Applicant Tracking System for key words.

Call us for a resume review and update.

Lynn Talbott, MBA, PHR

Lynn Talbott has been interviewing and reviewing resumes for 30 years. Let her tell you what a recruiter thinks of your resume. 


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