There's a Hole(s to Go) in My Bucket, Dear Liza

There's a Hole(s to Go) in My Bucket, Dear Liza

One of our newer clients is Holes to Go, owned by Bill Wilcox and Tony Hunnicut. If you’re having a family reunion or a corporate event or are looking for a neat feature for a community gathering, their company rents miniature golf courses.

If you missed them at Riverbend, they’ll be at J-Fest on June 20th (this Saturday!) at Camp Jordan. They may even bring a few critter obstacles you’ll have to avoid!

Bill, what prompted you to start your own company?

I have a degree in marketing and my background is primarily in sales. My business partner and I have over 25 years’ experience in the amusement industry, including working for other miniature golf companies.

We wanted to offer a unique, family-friendly entertainment. And we wanted our product to be high-quality.

Making miniature golf portable is a plus for our clients, because approvals and financing for mini-golf can be difficult to get. This way they can do an easy rental and also don’t have to maintain it.

Another plus is that every age can play – it’s not just kid-friendly, it’s inter-generationally friendly. We’ve taken our rentals to apartment complexes, churches, company picnics, and senior facilities. This summer we’ll be involved in the Hamilton County SACC program, taking our set-up to 12 different locations. You may have seen us at a recent strawberry festival as a vendor or at a cornbread festival that rented from us.

What do you like best about doing business in Chattanooga?

One of our favorite things is the prospect of helping other families get their businesses started. We would like to expand into offering franchises once we’re more established. This is an opportunity that can start here but move with families.

What piece of advice would you like to share with other entrepreneurs or start-ups?

Use the services of professional, experienced people. They’ll provide the expertise you need since they’re already familiar with whichever part of the business you need help with, whether it’s legal or financial or otherwise.

How has our company helped you in your success?

Darlene handles our bookkeeping and even though I’ve learned a lot about QuickBooks, I prefer to outsource because it’s a big help during our busy season. Having Darlene do it frees up my time. Outsourcing is much more efficient because it takes her so much less time to do than it would take me.

I asked a few other questions I thought our readers would like to know answers to, such as: space size required, lead time, and any delivery parameters.

For a friendly 9-hole golf game, a minimum of 20’ x 30’ is required; for 18 holes, larger than 40’ x 40’ is best.

When scheduling, we’re happy to accommodate on short notice when we have a set available.

We primarily deliver within 30 miles of Chattanooga, but just give us a call for long-distance pricing and availability. A city in Missouri rented a course from us in January this winter for a “Crazy Haze Days” event!

 You can find their business online at:

 We hope you enjoy making new friends with local businesses through our client profile interviews. And as always, call us if your financial bucket has a hole in need of repairs.

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