Why You Need to Keep Your Bookkeeping Head in the Cloud

Why You Need to Keep Your Bookkeeping Head in the Cloud

Are you tired of sorting through paper piles to find your monthly bookkeeping reports? Have you recently sat down with your CPA only to discover you left a document at home? We can help!

Automation of data transactions has improved tremendously with QBO  and XERO and we are excited about what is in store for QBO in the next few months!   If you have not come over to the cloud or mobile side of accounting – August is the time to do so!  Let us be your business advisors. We'll help you set up automated processes to sync and properly record in your bookkeeping file.  Your CPA will thank us (and you will save thousands of dollars!).

80% of small businesses say they feel a bit uncomfortable just handing over their data to the CPA at the end for the year for taxes and then never really hearing back from them until the day it is finished. If this is all you’re doing with your financials, then you have very few details of how your company is doing or where the company is tracking, how you are doing compared to your budget or industry average.   That’s where a professional bookkeeper comes into play.  Professional Bookkeepers help you create and maintain a platform and systems that get you the information you need right at your fingertips!

Accountants need to become more familiar with cloud accounting and its integrated and mobile applications, but the fact is that there are too many to learn. Not to mention there are ever-changing systems, and quite frankly, accountants are more interested in doing your taxes than day-to-day bookkeeping.   That’s what accountants do best!  

QBO is an open platform that allows you to do your accounting along with payroll, POS, time tracking, expense capturing, job costing and the whole gamut.   The key to your success is hiring a Certified Intuit Pro Advisor or Certified XERO Advisor to find the best system that works for you and your business. A Certified Advisor can help you job cost and set up memorized reports for you so you do not have to do them in Excel.  

Get rid of your filing cabinets! Say good bye to the $100 print cartridge!  We will help you store everything safely in the cloud! There are amazing tools out there to assist you with data entry and data storage – But you should be getting the point now – It’s time to look at how you are keeping your books and come into the cloud! You’ll be so relieved you’ll feel like you’re on “cloud 9”!

To learn more about how our certified staff has helped others, here are our ProAdvisor links:

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I’ll be waiting for you!  

Lynn Talbott, MBA, PHR, has over 20 years’ experience consulting with entrepreneurs of small to mid-sized businesses in the HR and office management capacity.  Her specialty is Office/Human Resource Manager coaching and training and finding practical solutions for bookkeeping errors and HR blunders.  Lynn has helped manage over 50 business start-ups and many of those companies continue to rely on her expertise today as they continue to grow.

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