At HRBiz, we’re all about simplifying your life – especially when it comes to bookkeeping! We understand that as a business owner you’re wearing lots of hats. But if you’re still wearing the bookkeeping hat of a previous generation, we’ll help you modernize and get your financial tasks into the 21st century.

Using a cloud-based bookkeeping platform such as QuickBooks Online will give you easy access to your financial data, no matter where you are. It’s especially handy for:

- Getting documents to your CPA for taxes

- Shared viewing with bookkeeper and accountant

- Following up on financial transactions when you’re out of the office

- Accessing “real-time” updates

- Taking pictures of receipts and attaching them in QBO

- Syncing your credit cards for easy reconciliation

- You can create estimates or invoices right from your phone

- and last but not least – whatever you want to do – there is an app that will sync with QBO!

We’ve compiled a list of various apps and other tools for your convenience. Want a discount on these apps? Call us for the discount code. 

If you have additional questions about Cloud Accounting and using apps to streamline your bookkeeping, we are here to show you how they integrate to make your life easier. You can reach us at: 423-668-6020 or 

And in case you missed this song in your childhood, here’s “Where Did You Get That Hat?”

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