Do you find yourself dreading the end of the month? Are statements coming in fast and furious and you're feeling overwhelmed? Is your banker unsure about what's needed to make your bookkeeping and bank accounts talk to each other?

Did you know that syncing with your bank and credit card is possible regardless of whether you have QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Freshbooks or XERO?

We can help! We know how to sync cloud accounting software with your bank and establish "bank feed rules" that really work for you. We know the quirks you'll encounter and how to fix them. We even know which reps you should talk to at various banks for great customer service.

The length of time for which you can download activity is typically determined by your financial institution. Some banks allow as many as 18 months, whereas others limit it to only 90 days.  There are two possible ways your bank can connect with QuickBooks. One is Direct Connect and the other is Web Connect.

We recommend that we do the initial sync for you to help avoid any complications and duplicate entries. It will be more efficient if we take care of it on your behalf.

However, if you decide to do it yourself:

You need to have a username and password for your bank and credit card accounts

Choose which accounts you want to sync with QuickBooks

Once everything is coordinated, some banks let automatic updates  happen without any additional steps from you, but other banks require that you continue to log in and "grab" the information.  

Bring us your list of what you want to have synced and we'll let you know what's feasible. If you have credit cards (even Home Depot or Lowe's), integrated apps, PayPal, Square, lines of credit or loans, we'll work with you to minimize your monthly tasks.

So, go enjoy your vacation knowing that your bookkeeping connections are talking to each other while you're away. Our goal is your success!

Lynn Talbott, MBA, PHR, received the TSBDC’s 2015 Small Business Person of the Year Award for Chattanooga and was recognized as a 2015 Rising Star. She is the Founder and President of HR Business Solutions, LLC. Lynn was previously a Corporate Trainer and HR Manager for a Fortune 500 company in Seattle, WA. She has 20+ years’ experience advising entrepreneurs of small- to mid-sized businesses in HR and Office Management. She is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and is Xero-Certified. 423-668-6020