Are you tired of chasing pieces of paper and people? Let us help! Here’s a sample story about how our favorite apps streamline bookkeeping tasks.  Apps that are sometimes as low as $10 per month can save 10 hours of time per month. These all sync with QuickBooks, regardless of whether you’re using QB Desktop or QB Online.

Tom oversees building blitz projects for several locations during the summer months. He has to keep track of who’s working at which site, how many hours each one takes for completion, and any expenses incurred. Receipts have to be assigned to the correct categories for job costing.

Monday, July 31st

6 a.m. – Makes sure volunteers and employees are checked-in at their various locations. Uses TSheets to find out who’s on the clock & which project they’re working on.

8:23 a.m. – Does a supply run when one of his site managers says they’re short on miscellaneous items. Takes a photo of his receipt and uploads it to Expensify or to QBO.  Much simpler than looking for it in his truck or glovebox later.

11:45 a.m. – A worker volunteers to pick up lunch for their group and needs to buy bottled water to go with it. Tom gives him a PexCard pre-loaded with $25 on it instead of handing out cash or a company credit card.

Noon – Everyone takes a mid-day break and signs out for lunch on TSheets on their cell phones.

2:36 p.m. – Tom gets a call from a vendor who’s asking about a payment. Tom pulls up on his phone to confirm when the payment was processed, then calls the vendor back.

3:17 p.m. – Tom uses his phone to make adjustments to a project estimate for next month in QuickBooks Online (QBO), then e-mails it to his superior.

6 p.m. – The day is over! He has his apps scheduled to sync with QuickBooks at the end of each day, which saves him time on his weekly reports. Even his bank and credit card are synced. Everything is already pre-filled so there is no data entry at all – only data management.

Midnight – Tom has a Board meeting next week, but he’s fast asleep. His accountant and bookkeeper have already been invited to access his QBO file, so report-pulling will be easy. No 11:59:59 panic, here!

Find out how apps can help streamline more tasks for your company. You can view other apps that sync with Intuit’s QuickBooks here. Ask us about our discounted rate for QuickBooks Online subscriptions and we can help you get set up, too!

Lynn Talbott, MBA, is the Founder and President of HR Business Solutions, LLC. She received the TSBDC’s 2015 Small Business Person of the Year Award for Chattanooga and was recognized as a 2015 Rising Star. Lynn and her team work with 150+ companies in the Chattanooga area, in Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Human Resources. Lynn was previously a Corporate Trainer and HR Manager for a Fortune 500 company in Seattle, WA. She is an Advanced Certified QBO ProAdvisor and teaches classes for the Small Business Development Center.