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These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things (Bookkeepers A-Counting Their Blessings)

Our staff is having a holiday party this month (two, in fact) and there’s much to celebrate this year at HRBiz. Would you like to know why we’re excited? We thought so! We’ll count off the reasons for you, since math is what we do best:

1.      Our client base has grown to over 200 individual, unique businesses who have chosen our services this year. Thank you for your confidence in us. We enjoy getting to know you and working on future planning together. Our goal is your success.

2.    Social media buzz really took off this summer! We did interviews...

Learn the Language of Bookkeeping - 13 Lucky Terms You Need to Know

Are you intimidated by “Accountant speak”?  Have you avoided looking at your accounts because it’s intimidating? Here are some helpful definitions of the most commonly used Accounting terms.  Click here or here for websites with more detailed definitions.

Accounting - A method of recording, classifying, and summarizing financial information for your business

Asset - What your company owns or has rights to (ex. Accounts Receivable is an asset!)

Balance Sheet - A statement that details assets, corresponding liabilities on those assets and equity or retained earnings

Budget - Plan that formulates a company’s goals and objectives in financial terms

Compliance Conundrum - Is an App for Compliance Called an Appliance?

When you think of “compliance” in your start-up or small business, what comes to mind? 

Whether you’re providing a product or a service, it’s important to follow all the necessary rules and regulations for your field. Being interrupted by red tape during your busy season is a nuisance. What’s even worse is watching profits disappear into paying fines. You can save yourself both time and money by making sure you’re up to snuff. Here are several basic categories to check out when making sure that you’re in compliance: