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Finding Dory: A Not-So-Fishy Story

One of the challenges of being a business owner is hiring the right person at the right time for the right job. This is what happened when we found Dory.  We were growing rapidly and needed a part-time admin and customer service person to help with the phones and to keep us all straight.  So – we checked out a woman-owned company called MomSource Network as a new lead source for employees. (They work with everyone, by the way, not just women.) They act as a “matchmaker” for employers and job seekers. Dory was interested in…

Top 10 Questions about 1099s

Do you know how the IRS defines which workers need a 1099? Do you know how to file them? Do you know what the penalties are for filing late or for ignoring them? If you're not on our newsletter list, here's what you missed.

1099s are to be postmarked by January 31st if mailing or submitted by January 27th if you are e-filing.

Why do I have to file a 1099 MISC?  

  1. The IRS requires businesses to send out Form 1099 MISC to small businesses or independent contractors to whom you paid $600 or more for services in the calendar year. You must send one to anyone you paid for services if…

Tidy Books Will Help You Catch Zzz's - Organizing Tips for 2018's so much easier to feel cozy under blankets when you know you've gotten your checklists out of the way. Of course, if you don't know what should be on your checklist, that could keep you up, counting snowflakes. We're making it easy for you by rounding up a few handy lists you should pay attention to:

Read our earlier blog with 15 recommendations to help you tidy your books for the past year.

  • Tip #15 - set your closing date password for 2017 so you don't accidentally change any information for 2017. To do this in QB Desktop: Edit>preferences>accounting>company preferences>set date/password.  To do this in QBO: Gear icon>Account and Settings>Advanced>Accounting >close the books

Review your...

Reel Time Management Tips to Help Entrepreneurs to Tackle Bookkeeping Tasks

...if you manage your time well, including getting your bookkeeping tasks finished regularly, you'll have more time to spend on fishing lines rather than phone lines. (Click here for family fishing lakes in Tennessee.)

This month, we have time management tips for you to help keep your sanity through the holidays while still paying at least a mild bit of attention to your books...

Time & Money: Working Hand-in-Hand to Save You Both in Bookkeeping

Were you a procrastinator as a kid? Did your teachers let you have "one more day" to get your assignments turned in? Did your folks let you pay later for treats now? As a business owner, delays can cost money.  If the delays are tax-related, they can cause penalties. One of our goals is to help you avoid unnecessary fines, fees, and penalties.

Our HR Biz bookkeeping team works with 150+ clients with varying levels of frequency. Some meet with us a few times per year to…