Finding Dory: A Not-So-Fishy Story

Finding Dory: A Not-So-Fishy Story

One of the challenges of being a business owner is hiring the right person at the right time for the right job. This is what happened when we found Dory.  We were growing rapidly and needed a part-time admin and customer service person to help with the phones and to keep us all straight.  So – we checked out a woman-owned company called MomSource Network as a new lead source for employees. (They work with everyone, by the way, not just women.) They act as a “matchmaker” for employers and job seekers. Dory was interested in what she saw in our description and we liked how she presented herself when she interviewed. She’s been with us 4 years now.

HR Biz: Tell us a bit about yourself and what’s important in your schedule outside of HR Biz.

I attended Covenant College in the ‘90s, then moved back here from Maryland a few years ago to live near family. It’s great seeing family year-round and getting to hang out whenever we like, instead of only for holidays. I enjoy reading, gardening, having people over for meals and singing in the choir.

HR Biz: How have you developed the skills you use in your position?

I’ve always been detail-oriented. Even as a child I usually knew where to look for something someone else couldn’t find.

I took a speed-reading seminar in middle school. Skimming and condensing information accurately is a good skill to have when reviewing products that could help streamline bookkeeping or when summarizing highlights from QuickBooks and other resources to include in our monthly newsletter.

Living in seven states taught me flexibility and how to put others at ease in a new situation. Being welcoming is important when clients come in feeling awkward about discussing their finances. It’s such a personal topic.

I’m intentional in my friendships. That’s the way we approach our client relationships as well. We want them to know they’re important to us, no matter what level of help they’re looking for or what size their company is or how long they need our services. We’re here to be a sounding board as advisors who know their financial situation and what their goals are.

HR Biz: What do you like best about working at HR Biz?

I like our team. Everyone is on the same page about providing the best service we can for our clients. As admin, my duties are a mix of practical/organizational and creative. I majored in English, so I particularly enjoy opportunities to put my writing skills to use. Also, I like being in a support role. My “tagline” is: my job is to make everyone else’s job easier.

HR Biz: What are a few favorite Chattanooga places or events?

I’m all about the Arts! I discovered Open Studio Nights at Chattanooga Workspace shortly after I moved here. It’s a fun place to support local artists by getting to know them and their work as well as buying pieces for home décor. And, a favorite summer event I like is Pops on the River because I think it’s a great way to introduce kids to the symphony without them having to sit down in a confined space and be quiet. 

HR Biz: We know you love to read! Any recommendations or current reads?

Oh, goodness – how much space do I get? I’ll see if I can keep it short.

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell – A compilation of stories and observations about how decisions we think we make in the blink of an eye aren’t really that spontaneous. Our brains subconsciously catalogue details for what you might call our gut instinct.

Living a Beautiful Life by Alexandra Stoddard – She reminds us to enjoy every day instead of spending 95% of our lives looking forward to the 5% that we save for special events like birthdays and holidays and other celebrations.

HR Biz: Thanks for your time and for all you do behind-the-scenes. We’ll let you get back to doing what you do best – being the mortar between the bricks, holding down the fort while our QuickBooks ProAdvisors meet with clients and take advantage of our flexible schedules.

If you’ve enjoyed today’s introduction, keep a lookout for our next one! We’ll be featuring each of our staff in upcoming interview blogs.

Lynn Talbott, MBA, Founder & President of HR Biz – Winner of Chattanooga’s 2019 Small Business of the Year Award (1-20 employees). You can read our interview of Lynn here and check out the classes she teaches at the BDC/INCubator. Sign up for our monthly newsletter! We give you “best practices” tips and useful reminders to help you keep your finances on track throughout the year.

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