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Tidy Books Will Help You Catch Zzz's - Organizing Tips for 2018's so much easier to feel cozy under blankets when you know you've gotten your checklists out of the way. Of course, if you don't know what should be on your checklist, that could keep you up, counting snowflakes. We're making it easy for you by rounding up a few handy lists you should pay attention to:

Read our earlier blog with 15 recommendations to help you tidy your books for the past year.

  • Tip #15 - set your closing date password for 2017 so you don't accidentally change any information for 2017. To do this in QB Desktop: Edit>preferences>accounting>company preferences>set date/password.  To do this in QBO: Gear icon>Account and Settings>Advanced>Accounting >close the books

Review your...

Are You in Hot Water with Your CPA? We Have Tips to Get You Out!

Are your receipts looking like enormous New Year’s confetti all over the office? Are you having trouble sorting out how to categorize year-end bonuses and client gifts? Did you lose the comparison sheet on your options for travel expenses? Are you scrambling to get your fourth quarter tax details in order? If so, you’re probably feeling like a tea bag in boiling water, hoping your accountant will turn down the temperature. We can help!

Here are several ways you can get more organized for your CPA:

1. Make a folder for your charitable donations and have a copy of the receipt or letter from each organization.

2. Make a folder for those 1099s and 1098s when they start coming in - your CPA needs these...

Why You Need to Keep Your Bookkeeping Head in the Cloud

Are you tired of sorting through paper piles to find your monthly bookkeeping reports? Have you recently sat down with your CPA only to discover you left a document at home? We can help!

Automation of data transactions has improved tremendously with QBO  and XERO and we are excited about what is in store for QBO in the next few months!   If you have not come over to the cloud or mobile side of accounting – August is the time to do so!  Let us be your business advisors. We'll help you set up automated processes to sync and properly record in your bookkeeping file.  Your CPA will thank us (and you will save thousands of dollars!).

80% of small businesses say they feel a bit uncomfortable just handing over their data to the CPA at the end for the year for taxes and then never really hearing back from them until the day it is finished. If this is all you’re doing with your financials, then you have very few details of how your company is doing or where the company is tracking, how you are doing compared to...

Feeling Puzzled? Understanding the ABC's of Accountants, Bookkeepers, and CPA's

What’s the difference between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper? Entrepreneurs often confuse the roles of CPA’s (Certified Public Accountants), Accountants, and Bookkeepers, since many of their duties overlap. 

For starters, they are all concerned with the financial performance of your company.  Many small business owners operate as bookkeepers and employ an accountant for their taxes at years' end. But if bookkeeping is just not your idea of fun, what do you do?