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Where E'er I Go, They Shout "Hello! Where Did You Get That App?" - 21st Century Bookkeeping

At HRBiz, we’re all about simplifying your life – especially when it comes to bookkeeping! We understand that as a business owner you’re wearing lots of hats. But if you’re still wearing the bookkeeping hat of a previous generation, we’ll help you modernize and get your financial tasks into the 21st century.
Using a cloud-based bookkeeping platform such as QuickBooks Online will give you easy access to your financial data, no matter where you are. It’s especially handy...

Oh Help and Bother! 10 Tips on Organizing Your Bookkeeping Mess

Is your week going well? Or have you managed to embarrass yourself already? When was the last time you…

- forgot the name of a co-worker while doing an introduction?

- couldn’t find your car at the mall because you came out a different door?

Embarrassing moments happen to everyone, but don’t let embarrassment get in the way of making sure your financial books are in order. It’s ok to ask for help. In fact, asking for help is likely to increase both your bottom line and your confidence. Would you like tips to help you get started? We’re so glad you asked!

Statement Reconciliation Tips & Staying Organized - Remembering the Little Things

Did you run out of money before you ran out of month? On your credit card statements, were there unexplained charges for a “free” service after you signed up?

We frequently consult with prospective clients who’ve reached the end of their patience with bookkeeping. They discover that little things do add up, but they just can’t remember what the little things were till they try to reconcile at the end of the month.

Here are various places where you can start looking for missed items: