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A "Moving" Experience - Our Client Interview with Office Furniture Warehouse

Have you tried TSheets yet? At Office Furniture Warehouse (OFW), they love TSheets! TSheets makes it easy to produce project reports so they can track which clients are in which stage of their relocation/upgrade process. They also use TSheets to keep overtime down and to maintain compliance with regulations. When we spoke to Marley in their marketing department, he told us TSheets is much simpler than the coding in and out procedures he used at his previous job. It’s a lot less taxing on his memory!

We'd like to introduce you to JJ Jerman of Office Furniture Warehouse, who streamlines logistics for companies seeking to use their office space more efficiently or to move to a new location...

Where E'er I Go, They Shout "Hello! Where Did You Get That App?" - 21st Century Bookkeeping

At HRBiz, we’re all about simplifying your life – especially when it comes to bookkeeping! We understand that as a business owner you’re wearing lots of hats. But if you’re still wearing the bookkeeping hat of a previous generation, we’ll help you modernize and get your financial tasks into the 21st century.
Using a cloud-based bookkeeping platform such as QuickBooks Online will give you easy access to your financial data, no matter where you are. It’s especially handy...

TSheets! Time-keeping & Job Costing That Fits You to a "T"

Are you interested in getting rid of your paper or punch card time sheet?  Would you like to have a simple, at-a-glance way to tell who’s working on which project and what those costs are?

We’d like to help your company be more efficient by sharing our experience with TSheets. It’s useful for any business that has two or more employees, especially those with employees in different locations, including contractors,  warehouses, small businesses and anyone who needs a time sheet.

Our company began using TSheets after attending Scaling New Heights - an Intuit conference. (You probably know Intuit by their primary products, such as QuickBooks, Quicken, Mint and TurboTax.) Here’s what we like the most: