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Your Partnership Peeps - Building Your Network of Supporters & Advisors

Congratulations! As a new entrepreneur, changing from an idea to a hobby to a business takes a lot of courage. Even if this is a go-it-alone venture you’ll need to establish a team of people who are investing in you and your start-up. This may include family and friends, but you will also need strategic business partnerships. It’s especially important to improve your bottom line and to maintain financial success.

Your new company's financial picture is a personal, sensitive topic. Choose people you trust and who will give you honest feedback.   Ask yourself these questions:

That "Oh, no!" Photo...

Business owners need to be aware of how to protect their brand image and reputation when it comes to their employees posting on social media. The social media saga goes both ways – one – it’s a necessary tool that isn’t going away. Two, workplace social media policies are gaining more attention as the number of people sharing, commenting, and liking every aspect of your employees' lives is increasing.  This includes the part about them working for you!

How do you avoid one of your employees committing a social media gaffe against your company?