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Compliance Conundrum - Is an App for Compliance Called an Appliance?

When you think of “compliance” in your start-up or small business, what comes to mind? 

Whether you’re providing a product or a service, it’s important to follow all the necessary rules and regulations for your field. Being interrupted by red tape during your busy season is a nuisance. What’s even worse is watching profits disappear into paying fines. You can save yourself both time and money by making sure you’re up to snuff. Here are several basic categories to check out when making sure that you’re in compliance:

That "Oh, no!" Photo...

Business owners need to be aware of how to protect their brand image and reputation when it comes to their employees posting on social media. The social media saga goes both ways – one – it’s a necessary tool that isn’t going away. Two, workplace social media policies are gaining more attention as the number of people sharing, commenting, and liking every aspect of your employees' lives is increasing.  This includes the part about them working for you!

How do you avoid one of your employees committing a social media gaffe against your company?