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Balancing Act - Is Your Balance Sheet Confusing? We Can Help!

No matter what goal you’re pursuing, maintaining balance in life is important. And if you’re a business owner, maintaining an accurate balance sheet is important! But sometimes it can feel like you’re doing mathematical gymnastics to get everything in place. This is when having a bookkeeping coach comes in handy.

To understand your balance sheet better, let’s define terms...

Don't Checkmate Your Best Mate! Financial Peacekeeping When Your Marriage Partner is Your Business Partner

Summer months are popular for wedding bells, but are you wringing your hands when it comes to running a business with your spouse?

Some tips to keep the peace:

1. Set clear boundaries about switching hats. Are you wearing the “I love you forever” hat? Or the “we need an income” hat? Is it OK to discuss work during meals and on weekends? Or is there a “no-go” space on your daily calendar where work is off-limits?  It also helps to write them down so both husband and wife are clear about the expectations. 

2. Set aside time regularly...

Are You in Hot Water with Your CPA? We Have Tips to Get You Out!

Are your receipts looking like enormous New Year’s confetti all over the office? Are you having trouble sorting out how to categorize year-end bonuses and client gifts? Did you lose the comparison sheet on your options for travel expenses? Are you scrambling to get your fourth quarter tax details in order? If so, you’re probably feeling like a tea bag in boiling water, hoping your accountant will turn down the temperature. We can help!

Here are several ways you can get more organized for your CPA:

1. Make a folder for your charitable donations and have a copy of the receipt or letter from each organization.

2. Make a folder for those 1099s and 1098s when they start coming in - your CPA needs these...

Sailing Over Business Loan Hurdles - 5 C's to Consider & 7 Tips for a Good First Impression

Do you remember your first experience with money? Maybe it was a “surprise” from the tooth fairy or a monthly allowance or a birthday gift. Knowing how to handle money is an important life skill, whether you’re 6 or 106. Do you have a professional, trusted financial mentor to help you navigate the steps to becoming a profitable company?

Entrepreneurship requires discipline, planning, and vision. When you do the hard work necessary for the first two, you’ll have a foundation in place to request financing for your vision. There are 5 areas a lender will assess when deciding whether to extend a loan to you...

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get a Massage - Our Interview with Body Wisdom

Are you staying in town for vacation this summer? Are you feeling sore after summer league sports events? We’d like to promote one of our clients to you. Body Wisdom in Saint Elmo specializes in the art and science of massage therapy. They opened in 2008, in a building which used to house the Incline Drug and Surgical Company back in the 1960’s. They’re located right near the Incline where there’s lots of parking available and Body Wisdom will reimburse your parking fee.

Owner WynneD (pronounced “Wendy”) gave us an interview in their serene setting. Do not try this yourself - you may fall asleep!