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We Can Turn Your Bookkeeping "Wish List" Into a "Have It!" List

Congrats! You have a clean desk, an optimistic view, and phones are already busy with new clients. Well, almost… Your clean desk is the result of stuffing 2015 into drawers like when you “cleaned” your childhood room by shoving everything under your bed. Your view is optimistic because you’re avoiding look at your financials before tax season. Your busy phone is actually your CPA calling you for documents you can’t find. Does this sound like you?

·         I wish I could get my receipts organized

·         I wish I could catch up on monthly reconciliations...

Oh Help and Bother! 10 Tips on Organizing Your Bookkeeping Mess

Is your week going well? Or have you managed to embarrass yourself already? When was the last time you…

- forgot the name of a co-worker while doing an introduction?

- couldn’t find your car at the mall because you came out a different door?

Embarrassing moments happen to everyone, but don’t let embarrassment get in the way of making sure your financial books are in order. It’s ok to ask for help. In fact, asking for help is likely to increase both your bottom line and your confidence. Would you like tips to help you get started? We’re so glad you asked!

We Can Make One of Those! Creating a Business Plan

Have your kids been asking you to buy stuff? Maybe they’ve wanted a treehouse or a sock monkey or hair-doozies? When I was young, one of my mom’s favorite lines was “We could make one of those.” Little did I know that it would become one of my favorite lines as a parent. Knowing your skill set and being able sustain an income from it can stay a theoretical concept or you can make it a reality. Create a business plan to help you get started. This should be a “living” document, which means it is fluid and adaptable.

It is important that you write your own business plan as it is good discipline and you will quickly find out if you are going to make money or not. Be sure to do a 4-year forecast and sales projections to see what is going to happen on the Profit and Loss.

This mission, should you choose to accept it, should include the following…