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Something Old, Something New...Our Interview with Townsend Atelier

We recently sat down with Peggy Wood Townsend, co-owner of Townsend Atelier, which specializes in artistic instruction, unique products, and community involvement.

What prompted you to start your own company?

My background is in Arts Administration/Non-profit Management. Between us, my husband and I have over 30 years in the arts community. Our focus on the Atelier method of instruction is unique, in that many art students have been taught styles or philosophies, but lack foundational technical knowledge. Through the Atelier model they gain opportunities for master/apprentice relationships. The instructors who teach with us are masters who work daily in their own art. They’re not removed from the creative process.

The products we sell give students good tools for good skills. We offer unique items such as...

Are We There Yet? Family & Company Trip Tips

As we get into the summer season, here are several tips on how to spend wisely, whether you’re taking a vacation or stay-cation…

1. Make a budget! (Ok, we are bookkeepers so this makes perfect sense to us!) Have the kids help you so they understand what you can and can't afford on your vacation. 

2. Put it on your calendar. It will give you something to look forward to and be a reminder to save pennies. Do you really want the $5 daily latte for $150 over 30 days?

3. How far do you want to travel? Would you like to get there ASAP...