Balancing Act - Is Your Balance Sheet Confusing? We Can Help!

No matter what goal you’re pursuing, maintaining balance in life is important. And if you’re a business owner, maintaining an accurate balance sheet is important! But sometimes it can feel like you’re doing mathematical gymnastics to get everything in place. This is when having a bookkeeping coach comes in handy.

To understand your balance sheet better, let’s define terms...

Don't Checkmate Your Best Mate! Financial Peacekeeping When Your Marriage Partner is Your Business Partner

Summer months are popular for wedding bells, but are you wringing your hands when it comes to running a business with your spouse?

Some tips to keep the peace:

1. Set clear boundaries about switching hats. Are you wearing the “I love you forever” hat? Or the “we need an income” hat? Is it OK to discuss work during meals and on weekends? Or is there a “no-go” space on your daily calendar where work is off-limits?  It also helps to write them down so both husband and wife are clear about the expectations. 

2. Set aside time regularly...

"If It's Not Fun, Why Do It?" Ice Cream & Bookkeeping

Did you know July is National Ice Cream month? Have your kids required an ice cream stop when you finish at your favorite swimming destination?  Keeping kids happy can be a challenge, but sometimes ice cream helps. (Or it at least keeps the van quiet for 10 minutes.) I recently saw a Ben & Jerry’s bumper sticker with their tagline “If it’s not fun, why do it?” and had to weigh in on the subject. Ice cream is one reason for screaming – frustration over bookkeeping is another. Completely different emotions between the two, but the same result!

Here are 5 quick reasons why doing the “not fun” work of bookkeeping is important...