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Pricing + Services

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We offer starter packages

$199 Evaluation & Needs Assessment

$299 for 4 hours of training/clean-up

$699 for 10 hours of training/clean-up

$1499 for 25 hours of work in your file.  Great if you need us to do a year’s worth of catch-up.

We offer discounts too!

·       QBO Essentials @ $30/month

·       QBO Plus @ $50/month

·       Full-service Payroll starting at $100/month

·       Bill.com – 10% off base price

·       Expensify – 15% off code: HRBizsolutions.net

·       TSheets – 10% off your first year: https://www.tsheets.com/#a:hrbizsolutions

QuickBooks Enterprise – 20% off

Full-Service Bookkeeping

We’ll manage your bookkeeping for you using QuickBooks Online and other integrated applications to streamline your process while keeping you fully compliant. We can manage payroll,  A/R, A/P and everything in-between. Prices are customized to each client into a flat monthly fee.

Bookkeeping In Real Time

We’ll keep you up-to-date at all times so you always know your financial status. We'll update your file remotely on a weekly or monthly basis so you have accurate and timely information when you need it. We’ll contact you if there is an issue or something we see that doesn't look quite right.

After-the-Fact Bookkeeping

Also called Catch-up bookkeeping. This option is for clients who haven’t managed their records throughout the year and need immediate year-end assistance, or simply want an expert to review their books monthly, quarterly or annually.  Didn’t do any bookkeeping last year at all? Don’t worry - we can get it caught up in a matter of weeks.

HR Services

$100 per hour. See our list of HR services here.

Balance Sheet clean-up

Looking to get a loan or realizing that you don’t have your assets listed properly? We can get your Balance Sheet tied back to your tax return so that your Balance Sheet is accurate going forward.

Cash Flow Planning and Forecasting

$75 per hour. We will build a forecast and/or budget and work with you on Cash Flow and projections for your business. We can help you establish your margins, discern your cash flow and help you see the big picture of your finances.

Training and Coaching

We can provide training and coaching to help you and your staff navigate the intricacies of bookkeeping. We will show you tips and tricks for QuickBooks and best practices to make sure that your financials are correct and in compliance. See packages for our pricing.

Tax Prep

$75 per hour - We can get you where you need to be with accurate and timely financial data all ready for your CPA. Your CPA is also welcome to contact us directly with any questions or requests.


Full-Service Payroll for our bookkeeping clients starts at $100 per month for up to 2 employees, then is customized from there depending upon many factors. We have options for you to do your own payroll or for us to do it for you and file all of the forms. We sync your payroll with your QBO and take care of the details.

 Controller/CFO services

$100 per hour - Need higher level assistance understanding your financials? Need someone to help you see the big picture and review internal operations and processes? We can assist you with operations and CFO services.