• august fun fact: we have an afternoon chocolate stash

  • Listen to nooga radio's interview with lynn talbott - 8/9/2017

  • We're an INCubator graduate! February 2017 is our one-year anniversary in our new home.

  • Did you know...? We've already had 67 people take our "Entrepreneur Bookkeeping" class in 2017! (Jan - June)

    • In 2015, we had over 70 attendees. In 2016, we had 145. Check out our "Classes" page to see what else we offer!

  • Owner Lynn Talbott is CHATTANOOGA TSBDC'S 2015 sMALL bUSINESS pERSON OF THE yEAR - cLICK HERE to read more.


We are busy bees on your bee-half!

We are busy bees on your bee-half!